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Universitas Mataram (Unram), is a university that is organized under the Ministry of Education, located in the city of Mataram West Nusa Tenggara Province, was established on October 1, 1962.


(1) Unram sufficiency based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution

(2) The function was organized Unram Tri Dharma University.


(1) Unram have a symbol in the form of a lotus flower, composed of leaves flanking the flower buds are surrounded by the writings of University of Mataram in a shaded pentagon.

(2) The details and symbolism are as follows:
Lotus leaf by 63 (sixty three) years starting symbolizes realized Unram activities, reinforced 12 (twelve) months symbolize the commencement of Unram;

crown lotus flower among the leaves symbolize science is learned and developed in the Unram;

Green leaf symbolizes science fostered and developed overwhelmed by the expectations and the students as learners in the University of Mataram in fresh condition and is ready to receive educational assistance;

Crown of pink lotus flower symbolizes science devoted to the students as learners with a sense of affection, such as affection of a mother (alma mater) to his son;

Lotus leaves and petals with hyperbole shaped object with a black line called ‘dulang’. ‘Dulang’ represents the University as a giver of life and reservoir containers science. The black color symbolizes the nature of science;

The bottom and the top tray of each compound described two symbolize the island of Lombok and Sumbawa two into a single entity called the West Nusa Tenggara;

Posts ‘UNIVERSITAS MATARAM’ circular outside red lotus leaf implies that UNRAM his duties as a higher education institution with a strong will;

The shaded pentagon bounded as a black line around the boundary symbol, symbolizes the philosophy of Pancasila is the basis of education;

Crown amid lotus flower symbolizes the nature of spirituality in the form of domes science fostered and developed by UNRAM. The black color lines that encircle the dome symbolizes the eternal sanctity of science.


(1) Flag university and faculty a length and a width of 5: 3, in which are listed under the UNRAM symbols and bearing the name of each faculty.

(2) Flag and attributes UNRAM, is golden yellow.

(3) The base color flag of each faculty is as follows,
Faculty of Economics, Blue;
Faculty of Agriculture, Yellow rice;
Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Orange;
Faculty of Law, Red;
Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, White;
Faculty of Engineering, Purple;
Faculty of Medicine, Green;
Faculty of Science, Light Blue;